The United States Animal Health Association is a forum for communication and coordination among State and Federal governments, universities, industry, and other concerned groups for consideration of issues of animal health and disease control, animal welfare, food safety and public health.  It is a clearinghouse for new information and methods, which may be incorporated into laws, regulations, policy, and programs.  It develops solutions for animal health-related issues based on science, new information and methods, public policy, risk/benefit analysis and the ability to develop a consensus for changing laws, regulations, policies, and programs.


The United States Animal Health Association develops and promotes sound animal health solutions for public good. 


The United States Animal Health Association is the leading forum for animal health issues in the United States, promoting active participation from industry, academia, and government.  USAHA provides a national venue for stakeholders to identify the most effective methods to protect and improve animal health and welfare, and public health. 

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