Photo Contest

124th USAHA & 63rd AAVLD Annual Meeting
Photo Submission Deadline: October 4, 2020
Showcase your perspective on animal agriculture and laboratory sciences!
For the second year in a row, USAHA and AAVLD are proud to announce a Photo Contest for members of both organizations. It's a great opportunity to not only connect with each other from afar, but also to highlight the work of our members with a look through your "lens."
Winners and entries will be featured during the AAVLD House of Delegates Meeting on October 19th and at the USAHA Business Meeting on October 21st in our virtual meeting platform.
Photos must be submitted in accordance with the RULES, by October 4, 2020.
  • Animal Agriculture- $250 Winner
  • Laboratory Science - $250 Winner
Limit one photo per person per category (limit 2 total)
Winners from either category will be determined by the people so make sure you get your votes in by October 16th, 2020! 
Entry Forms:

> Animal Agriculture

> Laboratory Science

Visit for further details
Meetings will be available Oct. 5 – 21, 2020

USAHA/AAVLD 2020 Photo contest rules


USAHA/AAVLD 2020 Photo contest rules

1.      Eligibility:

a.       USAHA or AAVLD members and staff of member organizations in good standing

b.      Two categories:

                                                   i.      Animal agriculture

                                                 ii.      Laboratory science

c.       Submitted by deadline in correct format, no exceptions.

d.      Subject matter must be tasteful and appropriate for a general audience.

e.       Photo must be original, and taken by the individual member, with no restrictive rights or licenses

2.      Format:

a.       File format:  JPG, PNG, TIFF

b.      Minimum resolution:  

                                                   i.      Minimum:  8 Megapixel (3264x2448)

                                                 ii.      Recommended:  > 12 Megapixel

c.       Filename should include submitter’s name and photo title.

3.      Submissions:

a.       Submissions will only be accepted through the dedicated photo submission site. (link)

b.      Submitter’s name, Location, Photo title

c.       Must be entered by midnight, Pacific Time, October 5, 2020

d.      Limit of one photo per person per category (maximum 2 photos)


4.      Judging:

a.    For People’s Choice Award, one for each category.

e.    Peoples’ choice winner will be chosen by live polling of Annual Meeting attendees conducted in the AAVLD/USAHA Annual Meeting App.

f.      Voting will open and close at a time set and published by the organizations.

g.    All Decisions are final.


5.      Evaluation Criteria:

a.       Including required elements in the photo.

b.      Photo composition, color, originality, etc.

c.       Meets criteria of Eligibility in section 1.

6.      Prizes:

 Peoples’ choice (joint award) - $250 cash prize for each category winner from USAHA and AAVLD, or donation to charity of winner’s choice.

f.        Payment will be made following the annual meeting by mail.

 7 Winner recognition:

a.       Announced at Membership Meetings

b.       Photos displayed on virtual platform

c.      Photos displayed through organizations’ web sites

8.      Rights

a.       By submitting a photo, you agree to grant USAHA and/or AAVLD an unrestricted, non-exclusive license for use by the organizations print and digital media for purposes related to the missions of the organizations.
b.      USAHA and AAVLD will not sell or otherwise grant permission to third parties for use of the photos without expressed written consent of the photographer.

Entry Forms:

·         Animal Agriculture

·         Laboratory Science