Nominations And Resolutions

Committee on Nominations and Resolutions

The purpose of the Committee on Nominations and Resolutions is to review and report recommendations of nominations for offices of the association.


  1. Annually report to the membership at the first-morning general session. Their recommendations for the offices of President, President-Elect, First Vice-President, Second Vice-President, Third Vice-President, Treasurer, and elected regional delegates shall constitute the report.
  2. Nominations, except for Treasurer, shall not originate within this committee but shall be submitted by the appropriate region(s).
  3. The nominations shall be posted on the registration bulletin board immediately following their presentation.
  4. Accept any member's proposed amendments to the slate presented prior to the conclusion of the "Report of the Action of the Nominating Committee" at the second-morning general session.
  5. Report the action of the committee at the second-morning general session.
  6. Present a report of the Nominating Committee, and any proposed amendments, to the Executive Committee for their consideration.

The purpose of the Committee on Nominations and Resolutions is to review resolutions prior to their presentation, for voting, to the membership.


  1. To determine that the proposed resolution originated from an appropriate source.
  2. To review resolutions for clarity of content. If the meaning is not clear, resolve the issue with the source committee chair.
  3. To determine if there are duplicate resolutions so they can be combined into one.
  4. To determine if there are conflicting resolutions. Determine if the differences can be resolved by discussion with the appropriate committee chairs.
  5. The Resolutions Committee cannot independently change the content (meaning) of a resolution. This is the sole prerogative of the originating committee. Spelling and grammatical errors may be corrected by the Resolutions Committee.
  6. The Resolutions Committee may not reject a resolution. This is the responsibility of the membership vote. In the event it is felt a resolution is extremely controversial and may be detrimental to USAHA, the committee should advise the Board of Directors.
  7. Present resolutions for membership voting at the last morning general session of the annual meeting.

Committee Members

The Committee is chaired by the immediate past president, and is comprised of past presidents and a representative of each district. 


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