Global Animal Health & Trade

The Committee on Global Animal Health and Trade is an evolution of the Committee on Import, Export and International Standards.  It now is a full Committee, established in 2018.

The purpose of this committee is to contribute to both the USAHA and AAVLD in international trade and its link to the health aspects of livestock and their production by: educating and creating an awareness among the membership of these organizations on key global, animal health and trade issues; proactively identifying critical issues in the international arena; enhancing the organization’s understanding, response, and decision-making ability in these areas; and, enabling both organizations to more effectively use this information to improve their strategies, operation, and, ultimately, improve global animal health and security. The ultimate goal from these activities is to foster dialogue and cooperation with and between members of the private sector of the livestock industries, U.S., and state government regulatory officials, and the scientific community, on the problems and opportunities in the global trade of livestock and their products.


Committee Member Directory




Collaboration between International Organizations to address COVID-19 – Cristóbal Zepeda, USDA-APHIS-IS
FAO/OIE/WHO Tripartite One Health Collaborations on One Health (AMR, rabies, zoonotic influenza) – Katinka de Balogh, FAO
U.S. Codex Program – Mary Frances Lowe, Codex
U.S. Dairy Industry Engagement in International Standards – Jamie Jonker, National Milk Producers Federation
The World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) Summary of the 88th General Session – P. Gary Egrie for Mark Davidson

E.U. - Livestock Roadmap and its Impact on Animal HealthFrancisco Reviriego, European Commission
E.U.-USA: Animal Health Collaboration, Trust and Trade: What is working? - Francisco Reviriego, European Commission

APHIS, VS Ruminant Serum Risk Assessment – Update – Adis Dijab, USDA-APHIS-VS
Animal Feed Ingredient Import Regulations – Adis Dijab, USDA-APHIS-VS
African Swine Fever in the EU – Francisco Javier Reviriego Gordejo, European Commission
Report on Global African Swine Fever Research Alliance 3rd Research Coordination Meeting Ploufragan France Sept 2016 – Luis L. Rodriguez, Agricultural Research Service, Plum Island Animal Disease Center
Economic Impact of Foreign Animal Diseases in North America – Stephanie Shwiff, USDA-National Wildlife Research Center


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