2020-Announcements for Nashville

August 14, 2020: Updates on the Annual Meeting

Meeting Overview

This year, with the decision to go virtual, USAHA has an opportunity to relax the schedule – and significantly reduce overlap for the many committees and sessions of interest for USAHA attendees. We are working diligently with our committee leaders and our AAVLD partners to put together a great program – and still accomplish the important work of USAHA. Here’s what you can expect for October. The meeting will be a mix of live presentations & discussion, moderated Q&A, and on-demand sessions. We are focusing on reduced committee sessions – in an effort to lessen webinar fatigue.

Schedule Snapshot

October 6: District Meetings
October 7-19: USAHA Committees and Subcommittees
              > Staggered Schedule
              > Most Sessions will be 12:30pm - 2:30pm; 3pm - 5pm Eastern Time
              > Limited overlap - max 2 Committees per session
Additional Programming Scheduled Throughout
October 21: USAHA Membership Meeting & USAHA Board of Directors

Joint USAHA-AAVLD Events
October 16: AAVLD Plenary - COVID-19
October 19: Joint Keynote Session featuring Mr. Bill Even, National Pork Board:  COVID-19 Lessons Learned
Awards Recognition
Virtual Exhibit Hall - Oct. 5-21

We are working through finalizing registration fees and structure with AAVLD – and anticipate reduced rates as compared to the in-person meeting. Registration will be coming soon!

We will be sharing more updates as they are available!

Lastly, USAHA members interested in joining a committee to invoke voting privileges for the virtual meeting, please submit your requests to Kelly Janicek at kelly@usaha.org by September 1st. A complete list of committees can be found at https://www.usaha.org/committeesPlease be reminded that only members of the association in good standing are permitted to be Committee members and to vote on Committee business. (Article IX, Section 9.1).

July 24, 2020

Dear members and stakeholders of AAVLD and USAHA,

After much deliberation, the executive committees of the AAVLD and USAHA have elected to hold an ALL VIRTUAL ANNUAL MEETING in lieu of the traditional in-person format. 

The decision was difficult, but we’re confident it’s the right one in light of the unstable COVID-19 situation. The safety of our memberships are a priority and the increasing challenges of this year undoubtedly support a virtual approach to accomplish the work of USAHA and AAVLD.

Looking ahead, our top priority is to design a program for the most efficient committee work and resolution processes, while maintaining access by a wide audience to other key components of the annual meeting such as the keynote presentation and other continuing education offerings. By August 15th, we will share a tentative program and revised registration options with our membership. In the meantime, we will engage committee chairs in this process and encourage collaboration to continue the important business of AAVLD and USAHA. 

We’re excited about the opportunities of this revised format, which is likely to enhance our options for programming going forward. Please reach out to any of the executive committee members, Dr. Dave Zeman, or Ben Richey if you have any concerns or suggestions. We look forward to an enjoyable and productive virtual annual meeting!

Dr. Deep Tewari, 2020 President, AAVLD


Dr. Marty Zaluski, 2020 President, USAHA

USAHA opens registration for the 2020 USAHA/AAVLD Annual Meeting

The United States Animal Health Association (USAHA) and the American Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians (AAVLD) are pleased to open registration for the 2020 Annual Meeting, scheduled for October 15-21 at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel in Nashville, TN. 

USAHA and AAVLD will hold an in-person meeting as scheduled, and also offer remote participation options. A recent survey indicates high interest in attending, however uncertainty of the status of COVID-19 projected into October, coupled with budget and travel restrictions will impact the meeting.

“Our intent is to provide the greatest opportunity for members to engage in the meeting,” says Dr. Marty Zaluski, USAHA President.  “The annual meeting is an ideal forum to address critical public and animal health issues that occurred during the corona virus pandemic.  We want to ensure the important work of USAHA is not compromised.”

USAHA is in the process of mapping out remote participation for its 30 committees and subcommittees, as well as additional sessions to provide access for those that are unable to travel. 

“The logistics are unprecedented for us, as we take into consideration presentations, resolutions and business of the meeting,” says Ben Richey, USAHA Executive Director. “Coupling technology, execution and quality with resources to make it work is our focus.  We are working to have a clear direction available in the coming weeks, and allow everyone to plan accordingly based on their individual situation. “

USAHA continues contact with the Hotel and the city of Nashville, which have outlined safety measures and cleaning protocols reflective of the current health status.  The meeting will also adhere to all local ordinances to ensure that attendees have safe and productive sessions.

“Gaylord Opryland has been transparent and proactive on working with us this year,” says Richey,  “We are confident in them as a partner to provide a safe environment for the meeting this year.”

Pre-Registration is open until September 25.  Please note that at this time, registration is for in-person attendance only. Registration for remote/virtual options will be made available in the coming weeks.

Register today at:  https://www.usaha.org/2020-annual-meeting or directly at https://www.usaha.org/meeting-registration.

Hotel information can be found here: https://www.usaha.org/hotel

Tentative Program is available here: https://www.usaha.org/2020-agenda


JUNE 15, 2020

USAHA and AAVLD Executive Leadership wish to affirm that the 2020 annual meeting will proceed in Nashville as scheduled. The joint boards have been following closely the evolution of the COVID19 pandemic in America and to the best of their abilities have analyzed its impact on our planned annual meeting October 15 – 21 in Nashville.  As you may know, USAHA and AAVLD have been proceeding as normal with our meeting plans and deadlines. We certainly recognize that the pandemic continues to create some uncertainty since most states are only about 6 weeks into their reopening plans.  Conversations with our conference hotel (The Gaylord Opryland Hotel) have been positive and the hotel has implemented a comprehensive plan to make conference events safe and successful – the hotel is hosting numerous conferences in August and September, and is booked full in October.  We realize that there are also significant institutional budget issues that must be managed, including travel budgets.  In addition, each of our individual members have varying degrees of personal risk tolerance and health considerations.    We making this announcement now so that our members will have time to plan and advocate for their travel budgets. We hope that most of you will be able to attend and we encourage your timely registration per normal beginning July 1st

Undoubtedly, the practicality of the meeting may look different than what everyone is accustomed to, however we are committed to making it a success.  We are in the process of determining meeting modifications, including limiting contact, distancing, and feasibility of remote/recording of sessions.  In light of the changing times and to help us plan for these we request that you complete a short survey regarding the upcoming meeting.

We appreciate your continued commitment to the work of USAHA and AAVLD.  The irony of the situation is that there has rarely been a time when the need to meet has been so high - to collaborate and discuss issues, in spite of the barriers.  We hope to see you in Nashville and thank you for providing input to us via the survey.


U. S. Animal Health Association Executive Committee

American Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians Executive Board