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  • Annual Meeting Registration Discounts
  • Participation in any of the 19 Species- and Subject-oriented, science-based committees and their subcommittees 
  • Opportunity to network with other U.S. and international animal health leaders
  • Input to association-approved resolutions and recommendations
  • Topic-Specific Symposia and Workshops
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  • Copy of Published proceedings of Annual Meeting, including committee deliberations, scientific and business sessions, resolutions and recommendations
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USAHA Membership is based on the Calendar Year.

Classes of Membership

Individual Membership: $170.00
Any person engaged in work related to animal production, animal health, food safety, public health, veterinary medicine and animal research and who supports the interests and objectives of the Association (see Purpose), may become a member upon approval of the Executive Committee by a majority vote.

Official Agency Membership: $675.00
The animal health department or agency of each state, U. S. territory or commonwealth, and the District of Columbia; the animal health department of the United States of America; and such other governmental departments or agencies as the Board of Directors may, by a two-thirds majority vote, approve.

Allied Organization Membership: $675.00
Any non-profit organization that is national in scope and actively and directly concerned with and supportive of the interests and objectives of the Association (see Purpose), may become a member upon approval of the Board of Directors by a two-thirds majority vote.

Student Membership: Complimentary
Any person enrolled in the study of animal production, animal health, food safety, public health, veterinary medicine, and animal health research who supports the interests and objectives of the Association (see Purpose) is eligible to become a member of the Association.  Student members may take part in the open proceedings and meetings of the Association but shall not hold voting privileges. Students must be a full-time student in an accredited college or university. APPLY HERE

Life Membership: CONTACT USAHA
Any individual member who has maintained membership in the Association for 35 years, or if such member is at the point of retirement, for 25 years, is eligible to be a life member.  Past Presidents of the Association are deemed to be life members.  Life members shall have all the privileges of regular membership and shall be exempted from payment of all dues.  Election to Life Membership of individual members shall be by a majority vote of the Board of Directors.  Life Members shall be exempt from the payment of one-half of annual meeting registration fees; provided that retired past presidents who receive no remuneration for expenses incurred while in attendance are fully exempt from the payment of annual meeting registration fees.


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The United States Animal Health Association is a forum for communication and coordination among State and Federal governments, universities, industry, and other concerned groups for consideration of issues of animal health and disease control, animal welfare, food safety and public health.  It is a clearinghouse for new information and methods, which may be incorporated into laws, regulations, policy, and programs.  It develops solutions of animal health-related issues based on science, new information and methods, public policy, risk/benefit analysis and the ability to develop a consensus for changing laws, regulations, policies, and programs.