The USAHA Medal of Distinction is awarded annually to recognize one or more distinguished USAHA members who have demonstrated outstanding leadership, provided exemplary service, and have made significant contributions to the advancement of the Association. 
The award was first presented in 2006.



121st Annual Meeting, San Diego, CA - 2017
​Nominations now open!

120th Annual Meeting, Greensboro, North Carolina – 2016
Mr. Jim Leafstedt , Alcester, South Dakota
119th Annual Meeting, Providence, Rhode Island - 2015
Dr. Richard Breitmeyer, Davis, California

118th Annual Meeting, Kansas City, Missouri - 2014
Mr. William Hawks, Washington, DC

117th Annual Meeting, San Diego, California - 2013
Dr. Don H. Lein, Ithaca, New York

116th Annual Meeting, Greensboro, North Carolina- 2012
Dr. John R. Ragan, Bowie, Maryland

115th Annual Meeting, Buffalo, New York - 2011
Dr. Bob R. Hillman, Boise, Idaho

114th Annual Meeting, Minneapolis, Minnesota - 2010
Mr. Neal F. Black, Eagan, Minnesota
Dr. Thomas J. Hagerty, St. Michael, Minnesota

113th Annual Meeting, San Diego, California – 2009
Dr. Bret D. Marsh, Indianapolis, Indiana

112th Annual Meeting, Greensboro, North Carolina – 2008
Dr. John C. Shook, Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania  

111th Annual Meeting, Reno, Nevada – 2007
Dr. J. Lee Alley, Montgomery, Alabama
Mrs. Linda B. Ragland, Richmond, Virginia  
110th Annual Meeting, Minneapolis, Minnesota – 2006
Dr. Clarence L. Campbell, Tallahassee, Florida
Dr. Richard H. McCapes, Davis, California  



Other Awards

Federal Partnership Award
APHIS Administrator's Award
(Presented by USDA)
National Assembly Award
President's Awards
2016 Dr. Angela Pelzel-McCluskey, CO Dr. Annette Jones, CA Mr. Paul Rodgers, WV  
2015 Dr. Kevin Petersburg, IA Dr. Dustin Oedekoven, SD Dr. Bob Meyer, WY  
2014 Dr. Sarah Tomlinson, IA Dr. Donald Ritter, DE Dr. Tom Holt, FL  
2013 Dr. Donald Evans, KS Dr. James Roth, IA Dr. Bill Hartmann, MN  
2012 Dr. Donald Otto Dr. Donald Hoenig Dr. Jim Logan  
2011 Dr. Jack Shere; Dr. Bill Smith Dr. Don Lein Dr. Taylor Woods  
2010   Dr. Alex Ardans
Dr. Alfonso Torres
Mr. George Teagarden  
2009   Mr. James Leafstedt Mr. John Adams  
2008   Dr. Claude Barton Dr. Bret D. Marsh  
2007   Dr. Francois Elvinger Dr. Bob Hillman Dr. Ron DeHaven;
Mr. Larry Mark

Dr. Terry McElwain
​Dr. Willie Reed

Dr. Sam Holland  
2005   Dr. Bob Hillman Dr. Richard D. Willer   
2004   Dr. Joan Arnoldi Dr. Steven England  
2003   Ms. Martha Roberts Dr. John Huntley  
2002   Mr. Gus Douglas Dr. Ernest W. Zirkle Mr. Majon Huff
2001   Dr. Richard E. Breitmeyer Dr. Richard E. Breitmeyer  
2000   Dr. Mo Salman Dr. H. Wesley Towers, Jr  
1999   Dr. Terry Beals Dr. Ralph Knowles  
1998   Dr. Marvin Beeman Dr. Larry L. Williams  
1997   Dr. Elizabeth A. Lautner Dr. Terry L. Beals  
1996   Dr. Paul B. Doby Dr. J. Lee Alley  
1995   Mr. Philip E. Bradshaw Dr. Lewis P. Thomas  
1994   Mr. Neal Black Dr. J. C. Shook  
1993   Mrs. Ella Blanton Dr. Calvin W. S. Lum  
1992   Dr. Pat Smith Dr. Patton L. Smith  
1991   Dr. C. L. Campbell Dr. Paul B. Doby  
1990   Dr. David T. Berman Dr. Clarence L. Campbell  
1989   Mr. John B. Armstrong Ms. Mabel Owen  
1988   Dr. Frank A. Hayes    
1987   Dr. Robert P. Hanson    
1986   Dr. Benjamin S. Pomeroy    
1985   Dr. J. G. Flint    
1984   Dr. William C. Tobin    
1983   Dr. Harold E. Nadler    
1982   Dr. John L. O’Harra    
1981   Dr. J. D. Lamont    
1980   Dr. John F. Quinn    
1979   Dr. A. G. Boyd    
1978   Mr. Francis Buzzell    
1977   Dr. Jay Arthur Myers